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Membership Requirements

Becoming a member of the "Road Queens Motorcycle Club" not only requires wearing club colors but consists of:








Mandatory club meetings, sanctioned rides, fundraisers and functions are all vital. There are predetermined displays of support and attendance at club events and functions. There will be required times we will ride as a club.


Being a part of an organization involves cost. There will be a one-time Membership Application Fee along with monthly dues. There will be expenses for the purchases of various club items as well as expenses to attend others club events/functions.

"Participation - Motivation - Commitment - Dedication"

Must have individual participation with motivation that shows commitment and dedication for the club thus promoting unity while demonstrating integrity along with ethical principles.

- Must know how to ride a motorcycle.

- Must have and maintain valid motorcycle license (M1).

- Must have an insured and registered motorcycle.

- Complete a membership application.

- Must pay membership application fee.

- Must attend all meetings, sanctioned rides, fundraisers and functions.

- Must wear patch at all meetings, sanctioned rides, fundraisers and functions.

- Must pay monthly dues.

- Club meetings are for Road Queens and Princesses (Prospects) only.

- Club meetings are held twice a month at a designated time and place.

- Road Queens and Princesses (Prospects) must conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all functions with respect to this club.

- Road Queens and Princesses (Prospects) provide helpful constructive evaluations when warranted.

- All "Road Queens Motorcycle Club" communication and material is CONFIDENTIAL

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