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Our mission, as the progressive and phenomenal woman of the "Road Queens Motorcycle Club", is to exemplify family values, demonstrate a positive image, and focus on community involvement... all the while exhibiting our femininity. Our goal is to invest in the communities we live in, as well as those in need of assistance by volunteering at churches, shelters for the homeless; battered women and children and by participating in and supporting community events that fulfill these needs. We as a club with our motivation, commitment and dedication will fulfill these goals.


The "Road Queens Motorcycle Club" was founded on January 22, 2005 in Stockton, California as a non-profit organization that operates solely on proceeds from it's members and donations from businesses, corporations and the community. The organization was developed by a group of women who shared the enthusiasm to ride and a common goal of forming a female motorcycle club dedicated to giving to charity and committed to changing the image of conventional female bikers. We strive for divine excellence as independent, strong-willed, versatile, and family-oriented business minded women which contradicts the stereotypes that downgrades the image of female riders.


The intention of the "Road Queens Motorcycle Club" is to provide a common base for female motorcyclists to bond and share mutual experiences while providing an atmosphere of camaraderie. We will strive to be positive role models for our children and aspiring motorcycle enthusiasts.


The "Road Queens Motorcycle Club" patch consists of a gold pyramid surrounded in a black circle symbolizing the richness, strength and heritage of our ancestors. The motorcycle emerging from the pyramid symbolizes the way the "Road Queens" will continue this tradition. Our patch represents royalty on 2 wheels.


The "ROAD QUEENS MOTORCYCLE CLUB" colors are Gold, White and Black

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