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I have had the desire to ride a motorcycle for as long as I can remember. I would see women riding on the back of a bike and think that looks "Hella" sexy! After having my own experience of being a passenger, it awakened something deep in my soul. I wanted my OWN!.  


My first bike was a 2004 Roadster XL 1200 Sportster. I now ride a 2011 Road Glide named Buster. We have a relationship that is committed, true and inseparable. That is right...

I'm a proud mother of three children and three grandchildren, who love the fact that their Mama is a ground pounder. During the day, I wear suits and stilettos, by night and every chance I get, I am in my riding gear, ready to roll!

I have been a loyal Road Queen since May 2011 and have found the camaraderie I always wanted in a MC. As my President so eloquently put it, I was a “Road Queen” even before I became a part of this wonderful sisterhood!

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