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Juicy - Road Queens MC 

"The Darker the Berry, The Sweeter the Juice"

Plus size Diva Juicy has been riding since 2005. Her first and favorite bike is an 05 Softail Deluxe which she has ridden across country 3 times. But even Divas nee a little music and comfort, so she parked the softail and picked up a 2009 Road Glide CVO. Juicy and the Road Glide spent 30 days on the road riding across country and logging 8700 miles.

Juicy's husband and two brothers ride with Sac and San Diego Cobras and a third brother is a Soul Brother. She also has a sister, Shugga Pearl from Iowa who also rides a Harley and a son who will ride anything in the back yard.

Favorite past time: Riding and Reading

Favorite Author: Eric Jerome Dickey

Occupation: Healthcare

Family: Married with 1 man child

Juicy's Bike


Harley Davidson

Road Glide CVO

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