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Choc Lic (we'll get back to the name later)

​I am a widow and mother of four beautiful daughters. I have been around motorcycles all of my life. However, I was introduced into the motorcycle set over 15 years ago by my brother. I would go and hang out to listen to the stories they told about the events they attended.

​I never understood how they felt so free when they were on their motorcycles. It seemed like a delusion. 


​My vision of becoming a motorcycle rider verses a motorcycle owner began when I purchased my 2003 100th Anniversary Harley Davidson Road King, however it was not complete.

​It continued on when I founded the Road Queens Motorcycle Club in 2005, an all women’s group, motorcycle club with a mission and enthusiastic about riding.

​My dream continues as we pound the ground from coast to coast letting it be known that we are here to stay doing it the traditional way, a group of diverse women keeping it real. Now I understand!

​Choc Lic, the definition is Mmm...(And you know the rest)

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