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For many years, in between raising three children and building a career health care administration, I spent time with friends traveling the West Coast Motorcycle set.  Finally, in 2007, after my children were grown and on their own, I purchased a motorcycle and the love of riding my own was a wrap.


In 2008 I founded Diamonds in Da Rough Social Club. During my tenure as President of the Diamonds, we hosted several fundraising events for local charities and received recognition from the Combined Fraternal Organizations of South Phoenix.  The Diamonds were also featured in several articles in The Arizona Informant, a local newspaper.


After attending the 2009 ATL National Round-Up, a fellow rider Topaz and I were inspired to establish an all-female MC in Phoenix.  I decided to turn over the reins of the Diamonds to my Vice President while Topaz and I focused on making this inspiration a reality.  We began gathering members, crafting an identity in our community, and collaborating with existing local bike clubs to raise funds and awareness.  Our goal was not only share a love of riding, but to come together as riders to bring greater value to our community. Several local chapter leaders urged us to get in touch with the Road Queens.


In September 2009, I contacted Choc-Lic and after several weeks of daily conversation, Topaz and I became the newly minted Vice-President and President of the Road Queens' Arizona Chapter. The Road Queens' spirit of charity and fundraising is well-known.  Topaz and I are very pleased to collaborate with the Road Queens as we bring that generosity of spirit to the Phoenix community.  I am excited to be a part of this respected organization and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.  

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