E-Lyte's Bio

My father bought a dark blue Vespa when I was 8 years old. He used it to commute from Tucson Arizona, where he was stationed at Davis Mothan Air Force Base to Los Angeles California where my mom, brother and I lived. He did this on weekends and at a time where I10 stopped at Phoenix. I knew one day I would be on 2 wheels, riding like him. I would put a playing card attached by a clothes pin to the spokes of my pink and white Schwinn bicycle. 


Fast forward to 1968 when my boyfriend came over to visit on his Triumph. I asked him to teach me to ride. I was 16 and have been riding since. I've lived and rode in 4 states and taught my brother, male friends, boyfriends and a husband how the ride. 


I've had other passions in my life  I was a feelance photographer, a portrait artist, an actor on stage and screen (Clint Eastwood's The Gauntlet), Electronic Engineer for AT&T and GTE,  computer programmer of 8 languages, create jewelry for my company (started 1993), I repair and restore German 400 day clocks and I play Bass guitar and sing in different local bands.

I have a loving family, three children, six grandchildren and a super supportive mother.

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